Grit Event Management


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Innovative Event Company

With a focus on reliability, we collaborate and work to deliver quality events to target audience to meet the client’s objective.

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Our successful international events

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Grit Event Management is a Kuching-based company mainly involved in sports event management, with the aim to deliver quality events to its clients and partners, both local and overseas. The company provides professional customized event management for commercial, corporate and charity events to meet the clients’ needs. Throughout the years since its inception in 2016, Grit has managed almost 50 projects which includes road and trail running, covering distances from fun runs to long distances and ultra marathons, and eco challenges, in various parts of Sarawak. Besides sports event management, Grit also offers sports event equipment rental.


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We Make Events Memorable

Great events doesn’t come without a good team and planning. With our years of expertise, you can be worry free about us handling your events.

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Get in touch with us! Let us handle what we do best.

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