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[title text=”Serapi summit Challenge”]

The Serapi Summit Challenge is a loop format run starting from the Matang Family Park at the foothill of Gunung Serapi heading up to the Summit of Gunung Serapi/CP2 and returning back to the Matang Family Park starting line/CP1.
Each loop consists of a 11KM ‘return’ trip of foothill/CP1 – summit/CP2 – foothill/CP1.
Participants may challenge themselves with repeating as many loops as possible within the total cut-off time (COT) of 9 hours. However, runners must start on their final loop from CP1 by 1.30pm and complete that final loop by 5pm.
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[title text=”Registration Form”]

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[accordion-item title=”Race Info”]

Date: 7th October 2018

Time 8.00am

Venue:  Matang Family Park / Kubah National Park

[accordion-item title=”Runners Entitlement”]

  1. Bib
  2. Finisher shirt (must finish minimum of 1 loop within COT)
  3. Medal (must finish minimum of 1 loop within COT)

Finisher shirt & Medal will reflect total number of loops and distance accomplished.

There is NO EVENT TEE. So suit up your best and most comfortable gears to finish the race. 

[accordion-item title=”Finisher Shirt Measurement”]

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[accordion-item title=”Distance & COT”]

Distance: 11KM per loop from CP1-CP2-CP1

Start Time: 8.00am

End Time: 5.00pm

Cut-Off Time:
1.30pm: Runners to depart CP1 on their final loop
5.00pm: COT for all runners

[accordion-item title=”Mandatory Gears”]

  • Hydration (min. 500ml)
  • Food (min. 100 calories)

This is a semi self-sufficient run. There will only be 1 water station at CP1 (at starting/finishing line). Each loop is 11KM in distance. Runners are advised to prepare accordingly.

[accordion-item title=”Recommended Items”]

  • Sunblock
  • Cap
  • Handphone

[accordion-item title=”Bag Drop”]

  • There will be a bag drop counter at the Starting line/CP1.
  • Due to limited space, please be reasonable with the size of your drop bag.
  • Please do not keep any valuable items in the drop bag. The Organiser will not be responsible for any loss or damage or theft of the drop bag or the contents.
  • All drop bag must be collected by 5.00pm, 7th October 2018 (Sunday).

[accordion-item title=”Registration Fee”]


[accordion-item title=”Event Schedule”]

7.00am: Drop bag counter opens

8.00am: Flag-off

1.30pm: COT for final loop

5.00pm: COT for all runners

5.30pm: Race site closes

* The above are tentative program which is still subject to changes *

[accordion-item title=”How To Get There”]

Matang Family Park/Kubah National Park is easily by accessible by road and is about 45 minutes’ drive from Kuching.


[accordion-item title=”Rules & Regulations”]

  1. Bib transfer is allowed before 7 September 2018. A processing fee of RM20 will be charged. No bib transfer will be entertained after date.
  2. No refund will be made for cancellation of registration by runner.
  3. Pacers are not allowed
  4. Personal assistance/support crew is not allowed along the route. Personal support crews are only permitted at CP1/starting line and are required to abide by the instruction(s) of the marshals at all times.
  5. Please do not litter along the route.
  6. Runners are not allowed to run without a valid bib / with another person’s bib.
  7. No cheating is allowed – e.g. Route cutting, doping, using any form of transportation, using a substitute runner.
  8. Unsportsman-like behaviour will not be tolerated – e.g. pushing other runners, refusing to follow marshal’s instruction, threatening marshal/other runners, etc.
  9. In the event you wish to discontinue/withdraw from the run, please inform the marshal at the closest CP. Organiser does not provide extraction facility/service 
  10. The COT will be enforced strictly. Only completed loop(s) within the COT will be considered valid.
  11. In the event the marshal deems it unsafe for you to continue with the run (e.g. injury, medical condition, thunderstorm), you will be asked to stop.
  12. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the route / WS /CP / COT at any time and without any prior notice.
  13. In the event of adverse weather conditions, the flag-off time may be postponed for 2 hours at most, after which time the event may be cancelled.
  14. The Organizer’s decision will be final.