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[title text=”Virtual Run / VR – FRequent asked questions”]

What is Virtual Run?

  • Run Anywhere, Run Anytime, Run Any distance

How does Virtual Run Works?

  • You register as normal on the respective registration page, we deliver the race pack inclusive of the MEDAL to you.

How do I register for VR?

  • Not all events are offered VR option, if there is, please sign-up as individual and you will find the VR option. There will no group option for VR.

What is the fee for VR?

  • Please go through the registration process to find out. You will be able to see the total amount before making payment.

What distance should I run?

  • Any distance you like. Doesn’t matter.

When Will I Get the Race Pack + Medal?

  • We will try to send it out before or after the official date of the event. You may receive it earlier or later depending on the courier service as well. If you’re not willing to wait, please DO NOT sign-up for VR as we have no control over courier service.

What Is The Terms and Conditions?

  • There is no terms and conditions. We deliver the whole race pack unconditionally whether or not you run. It’s an honest system.

Do I need to send you my run result?

  • There is NO NEED to send us any run result. Feel free to upload your selfie on your facebook or instagram. #gritevent

What if i did not receive my VR pack?

  • You will be responsible to inform us about it if you don’t receive it within 2 weeks from the date we informed you that its been delivered.

Can I join the event on actual day if I signed up for VR?

  • No